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If you plan on being an event planner and managing events, then you are going to need to role up your sleeve and be ready to work. Event management is not an easy job so you should not take it lightly. Not only does it require that you are highly organized, but you also need to make sure that you have a great work ethic and the ability to handle stress. Here are some event management strategies to keep in mind.

Plan for success

According to Motivation Ping, it’s impossible to achieve any goal if you don’t plan ahead. If you want to do something, especially if it is not completely voluntary, you should put some effort into planning your time so you are prepared when events occur.

For example, prepare yourself in advance for big meetings by deciding what you are going to say before you get up to speak. When you arrive, sit down and form your thoughts as best you can; try writing them down.

Then, stay focused on your goals – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Keep track of how much time you spend on tasks (such as researching) and events.

Try making daily lists and crossing things off of them. Focus on progression instead of perfectionism, because avoiding failure is the key to getting better, but only you can accomplish that.

Know that everyone has flaws and that being human is part of it; keep learning and take risks, those things will bring rewards. Finally, have fun and be social, life is too short to feel stressed or bored.

Encourage participation

Facebook has 1 billion active users. That’s almost half of all people who use the internet. If you want to organize events, get people involved, and increase your chances of success, then Facebook is where you should start.

According to the talent agency Keynote Speakers, no one organizes successful events without using facebook. Even if you send out emails or publish a newsletter featuring event info, people are more likely to attend an actual live event than read about it in an email list.

Publish information that can entice people to turn up with high-quality posters, fliers, newsletters, and announcements. This includes tickets for sold-out shows, giveaways, and other special offers.

When promoting your event, add excitement and appeal to your content with photos and videos. People love to share pics of themselves doing fun things.

Give people a way to interact with you through comments and posts. When people join together to plan something, they want to feel part of a community.

Keep messages succinct so everyone can see them. Use action sentences; don’t tell stories. Make promises but do not enforce them. Let people take charge of their own lives.

Anticipate problems

It is easier to prevent negative events from occurring than it is to fix them once they do. According to Motivational Speaker, preparation is an important key to ensuring your event is a success.

If you plan ahead, you will have enough resources to deal with any issues that may arise. You can also prepare people for possible situations and keep things interesting for everyone.

It’s not always easy, but preparation is worth it in the end.

Price your services

Even if you’re already very good at event management, pricing your services should be a significant part of your overall goal. Why? Because it will improve your business skills, help you get more work, and make you more money.

Pricing is also dependent on what type of events you are willing to manage. Commercial events can cost different amounts than private parties or community events.

Depending on where you live, each region has its preferred price range for various types of events. Before we start quoting people, we like to know how much they want to pay.

We always ask their budget is. If they say they can only afford so much, then that is when we pitch prices.

We don’t add any extras such as handling fees or transaction fees (of course!)

Once we have our estimated costs, we discuss ways to raise funds through ticket sales, sponsorships, donations or some combination of these. Then we look into ways to reduce overhead by organizing the event or seeking out vendors who may offer discounts to customers.

When we talk about all of this, that is when we try to put a value onto your time. It takes a lot of work to organize a quality event with low rates.

Final thoughts

If you are sincere about being an event planner, then make sure you take this role very serious because a lot is at stake when someone hires you to plan their event.


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