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[English] Getting started with your BMAX MaxBook/MaxMini Windows PC

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Most new PCs have a simple set up program pre-built to get everything up and running. The Getting Started information below will give you additional resources and information that may be of use during this process. We will also provide important links to tools and pages on our Support Site for anything you may need help with. Let's go!

The Box

Once you are over the excitement of receiving your new BMAX MaxBook/MaxMini PC it's time to unbox the equipment. Seems simple? It should be, but let us walk you through that process to make sure you don't miss anything or discard important iterms.

1.Carefully open the outer box

2.Remove all packaging from this as you may find your charger and paperwork are in this outer packaging

3.If the laptop is boxed individually your paperwork and guides will be included there

4.Do not discard any packaging until you are completely up and running

Initial Set-up

As mentioned, your system will guide you through the set up but let's detail the key points to help you on your way:

1.Are you connected to the Internet? Make sure you have an active connection in the area where you are setting up as your system will need to be connected to complete the set-up process. This can be a Wireless (Wifi) or Wired connection and if you have a password you should have this available.

2.Limit any peripherals and accessories during set up, plugging in only the essential items like your mouse, external keyboard, etc. Make sure these are plugged in and turned on.

3.Connect your power adaptor and turn on! The system will work through many important processes in this initial start-up so please be patient and aware of everything that the on-screen instructions require. The Set-Up guide should display a series of windows asking for information and providing instructions to customise your experience.

Even though you have a new system it will require updates. This is perfectly normal as updates to your Operating System are regular to deliver enhancements and fix any potential issues and you will see prompts on your system for these as and when they are required. Complete all of these required changes before moving on.

5.At this point you should have a fully set-up and functioning new PC, with the only additional changes being your own personal customisation.


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The provided information outlines a basic guide for setting up a new BMAX MaxBook/MaxMini PC. It covers the unboxing process, initial setup steps, and emphasizes the importance of connecting to the internet, limiting peripherals during setup, and allowing for necessary updates. Overall, the instructions seem clear and helpful for users who are unboxing and setting up their new PC for the first time. more products here It's important to follow the recommended steps to ensure a smooth setup process and to take note of any on-screen instructions provided by the system.

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One additional point to consider is the importance of cybersecurity during the initial setup. It's always a good practice to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is secure and that you're connecting to a trusted network. Additionally, it's recommended to set up a strong password and enable any available security features on the PC to protect your data and privacy. Remember that specific instructions and processes may vary travel essentials for women depending on the model and manufacturer of the PC, so it's always a good idea to consult the official documentation or support resources provided by the manufacturer if you encounter any difficulties during the setup process.

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