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BMAX is an innovative enterprise that integrates the operation modes of R&D, production, brand operation and sales.

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BMAX is an innovative enterprise. The company integrates six modules, namely, appearance, structure, software, hardware, engineering and quality, and independently completes the whole process from the establishment of the project to the completion of the design, and realizes the rapid conversion of scientific research results.
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June 18, 2024

On June 12, 2024, the 16th China (UAE) Trade Fair was grandly held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The exhibition gathered many well-known brand exhibitors from China, the UAE and other countries and regions. BMAX, as a personalized digital brand favored by global users, also made a stunning appear

July 05, 2024

The question of whether a mini PC is better than a laptop ultimately depends on the user's needs and specific use cases. Mini PCs offer a compact, powerful alternative to traditional laptops, providing significant benefits in terms of space-saving and versatility.

June 21, 2024

People often say that if you want to achieve greater development, you should get out of your comfort zone at the appropriate time, and fight for your dream with greater effort. But now more and more professionals are willing to create their own “office comfort zone”. They are not satisfied with the

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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