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  • Enjoy various fun in one hand! BMAX’s new 7.9” trendy tablet I8 Mini is coming soon!
    As a dynamic and personalized digital brand, rapid iteration and continuous improvement have always been the main theme of BMAX's development. We always adhere to the attitude of striving for excellence, continue to optimize and upgrade our product lines, and continue to bring cutting-edge products Read More
  • BMAX’s new fashionable tablet I11: more than just stunning looks, it makes everything easy to do!
    As people's office scenarios become increasingly diversified, the past office method of "one mobile phone + desktop" is no longer able to meet diverse office needs, and mobile office has gradually become the main theme of the workplace. However, the products that can meet the needs of mobile office Read More
  • The hot-selling tablet BMAX I11 Power, with its new configuration and ultimate experience, once again leads the new boom in the tablet market!
    Recently, after the major upgrade, BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power has once again set off a new craze in the digital product market. Customers’ orders continue to rise, and it continues to dominate the rankings on multiple online shopping platforms. Why has this flagship-level product, which de Read More
  • BMAX’s second major upgrade: The cost-effective tablet I9 Plus has major system and memory upgrades
    Recently, BMAX has been adhering to its consistent "user experience-centered" concept and continuously upgraded its tablet product line. More and more models’ performance has been improved, which will bring you a completely new experience. Currently, the system and memory upgrades of another cost-ef Read More
  • Fresh and stylish, Awesome Experience! BMAX I11, a 11” new trendy tablet with Android 14 system is launched amazingly!
    In the era of advocating individuality, many things that seem to be unchanged have actually had many new definitions. For young professionals, fashion is no longer the same "black, white and gray" tone, and office work does not have to be a boring nine-to-six job. In their eyes, it is so comfortable Read More
  • A major upgrade! BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power will be equipped with Android 14, and the memory will be significantly improved!
    BMAX has always been committed to using innovative technology to create personalized digital products that are cost-effective and loved by users. In the past few years, BMAX has launched a number of excellent products that are favored by users around the world. In particular, the flagship-level tabl Read More
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