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  • Slimmer and stronger! BMAX S14 Plus interprets the unique slimming concept of laptops!
    Recently, there is a popular movie in China called "YOLO". Jia Ling, the female lead in the film, lost 100 pounds in a short period in order to make her image match the character's characteristics better. And she has become the focus of the Internet because of this thing. Many people amaze that Jia Read More
  • Your chance is coming! BMAX super promotion on Geekbuying website give you an unexpected surprise!
    For many people, it is quite a nice thing that make a cup of warm coffee and enjoy the pleasant entertainment experience brought by high-performance computer on a sunny afternoon. The feeling of being able to experience all kinds of wonderful things without leaving home is so wonderful! It can be sa Read More
  • Amazing Popularity!A well-known digital blogger unboxed and reviewed the BMAX tablet I11 Power, triggering a new round of buying craze!
    I11 Power has continuous increasing popularity since it launched. It has been frequently attracted outside attention. Recently, a well-known overseas blogger conducted a comprehensive unboxing and reviewing of I11 Power, which once again triggered a new craze. If you want to know about the on-site e Read More
  • Ultra Slim and Powerful, Extremely Affordable! BMAX Mini PC B1 Pro, is your cost-effective and all-purpose gadget!
    With the development of science and technology, people's requirements for computers are getting higher and higher. Once upon a time, buying a high-performance computer and enjoying the silky smooth experience was an enjoyable thing in our life. Now, in addition to high performance, small size has al Read More
  • Second in the industry! BMAX once again achieved outstanding results in overseas markets with its strong strength!
    Recently, BMAX has made another outstanding achievement, stunning the overseas digital market! In just ten days, its TEMU official flagship store once again experienced rocket-like sales growth, ranking second on the list of the world's best suppliers! Brand influence reaches unprecedented new heigh Read More
  • Big discount at Amazon US Site! Don’t miss these cost-effective laptops if you are looking for a strong work partner!
    How to choose a cost-effective laptop to enhance your life and work? BMAX’s laptops are well worth buying! Now there are two laptops currently on sale on Amazon US Site. Don’t miss this rare chance! Read More
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