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BMAX tablets are slim, light, portable and have a mild luxury and elegance design style. Equipped with high-performance processors and GPUs from well-known brands such as Unisoc, MTK, and Rockchip, They have powerful computing power and multimedia processing capabilities. So they can provide the extremely smooth operating experience for you. The large and high-resolution IPS screen of 10.1" to 11" can provide cinematic wide and gorgeous visual effect for you.They have ultra-large and ultra-fast memory and storage. So you can have both large enough space to store apps, images, videos, games and ultra-fast reading and writing speed. Adopting the newest Android 13 system, they have more comprehensive functions and privacy protection. There are rear and front dual HD cameras in BMAX tablets, you can easily record every happy moments as you wish. They support 4G full netcom, four navigation system including GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Glalileo as well as A-GPS assisted network positioning. So when you go out, they can lead you to your destination accurately. With large-capacity battery and long-lasting battery, they can easily meet various daily needs such as watching dramas, office work, gaming and entertainment, etc.

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