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About BMAX

BMAX is an innovative enterprise that integrates the operation modes of R&D, production, brand operation and sales.

Why People Are Increasingly Needing Thin Tablets


What Makes Us So Special

BMAX is an innovative enterprise. The company integrates six modules, namely, appearance, structure, software, hardware, engineering and quality, and independently completes the whole process from the establishment of the project to the completion of the design, and realizes the rapid conversion of scientific research results.
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May 23, 2024

As a dynamic and personalized digital brand, rapid iteration and continuous improvement have always been the main theme of BMAX's development. We always adhere to the attitude of striving for excellence, continue to optimize and upgrade our product lines, and continue to bring cutting-edge products

May 20, 2024

As people's office scenarios become increasingly diversified, the past office method of "one mobile phone + desktop" is no longer able to meet diverse office needs, and mobile office has gradually become the main theme of the workplace. However, the products that can meet the needs of mobile office

May 13, 2024

Recently, after the major upgrade, BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power has once again set off a new craze in the digital product market. Customers’ orders continue to rise, and it continues to dominate the rankings on multiple online shopping platforms. Why has this flagship-level product, which de

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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