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  • When we start the laptop for the first time, the system will prompt us to enter the PIN password. In order to protect privacy and data security, many people enter a PIN password. However, once we forget the password, we cannot unlock the screen and perform operations. At this time, what should we do
  • Recently, we have conducted detailed analysis on the problems reported by users such as B8 Pro blue screen, crash, and B7 series not displaying when starting up for the first time, and conducted targeted technical debugging and repairs. Now the problem has been solved. If you encounter the same prob
  • Many people set passwords on their tablets in order to protect privacy. But if they forget their password, it is impossible for them to unlock the screen. What can you do when you face this situation? Actually you can restore the original state by downloading the Android system image file and flashi
  • 1.开机后看到开机logo时立即重复按“Delete”键,进入BIOS页面;
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