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360°freely flip, unimaginable energy! BMAX Y13 Pro, a high-end 13.3” laptop is newly launched now!

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Today, a portable laptop has become a standard feature for modern business people. An excellent laptop can not only help you deal with work tasks efficiently, but also present your business image better and leave a better impression for your clients. And a laptop that allows you to find suitable content display angles in different scenarios or that can meet your needs to record creative ideas anytime and anywhere is undoubtedly your ideal choice. Y13 Pro, a high-end 13.3” laptop that is newly launched by BMAX, is just a powerful laptop that you always eagerly want!


It has an ultra slim metal body that is only thick 1.28kg, just like an exquisite artwork. It is simple and stylish, perfectly matching your elegant and capable temperament. What’s more, it is equipped with a unique high-strength hinge shaft that can support the notebook to change shapes at will. You can not only use it as a traditional thin and light laptop, but also use it as a tablet or do many things such as designing, presenting business plan, share interesting contents in a better perspective.


Y13 Pro has a 13.3” high-quality screen with high resolution of 1920×1080 and a narrow bezel of 5mm. Vivid original colour can be presented delicately. And you can experience a wider and more stunning visual experience what other products can’t match.


Furthermore, the performance of Y13 Pro is also fantastic. It is equipped with Intel 12th Gen N100 processor. It is a four-core processor with a high turbo frequency of 3.40GHz and a low power consumption of 6W. Compared with the N5105 processor that is often equipped in similar products, it has 72% performance improvement. So, it has stronger files and programs processing ability and higher responding speed, bringing you a smoother and more pleasant office and entertainment experience. It is a highly competitive product in the market.


And the Intel 12th Gen UHD Graphics that it contains has 24 execution unit and a max dynamic frequency of 750MHz. All kinds of 4K UHD videos can be played fluently. And you can also enjoy fantastic game animation effects. So it is not only your capable work partner, but also your portable HD cinema and enjoyable gaming tool.


With high-end configuration of 16GB LPDDR5 memory and 512GB SSD, Y13 Pro can offer you both huge storage space and ultra-fast reading and writing speed. You needn’t make tough decisions about files deletion or retention or worry about efficiency is affected due to occasional unsmooth running. It is friendly and convenient for someone who is always full of creativity.


Y13 Pro has a unique backlighting keyboard. When you have to handle urgent work in a dark environment because of some accidental situation, it can provide great convenience for you. The keyboard adopts slightly convex keycap design. No matter where you are, the extremely comfortable typing experience will amaze you!


In a word, BMAX Y13 Pro is an excellent business laptop with powerful new core and 360°convertible design. It is portable and perfectly suit someone who love creating! Please don’t miss it if you would like to enjoy different creating experience!

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