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A major upgrade! BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power will be equipped with Android 14, and the memory will be significantly improved!

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BMAX has always been committed to using innovative technology to create personalized digital products that are cost-effective and loved by users. In the past few years, BMAX has launched a number of excellent products that are favored by users around the world. In particular, the flagship-level tablet I11 Power that is launched last year has become popular in Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions with its stylish appearance, competitive technical specifications, and excellent performance, becoming a top grade product in the tablet market. And BMAX recently made a major upgrade to I11 Power in order to improve the users’ experience better. The new Android 14 system and larger memory space will bring you a more excellent operating experience.


New Android 14 comes on stage amazingly

The previous version of the Android system, Android 13, was well received by many users for its smooth operating experience, personalized interface, and strict privacy protection. This time Android 14 also follows the upgrade direction of Android 13, with further optimization and improvements in multiple dimensions, taking the user experience to a higher level. How could we miss such a powerful system? This time, BMAX has arrange the upgrade of system for everyone. Let’s find out what new surprises the new system can bring us!


1. A smoother operating experience

The underlying structure of Android 14 has been further optimized, and the performance and response speed have been improved. As a result, you’ll feel smoother when you use it.

2. More powerful multitasking

In Android 14, the split-screen mode is richer and more user-friendly, and the drag-and-drop operation is more flexible. Therefore, users can handle multitasking more easily and more efficiently.


3. More user-friendly interface

There is a new lock screen customization function in Android 14. Users can set different clock styles, formats and layout templates according to their own preferences and styles, making the tablet interface more diverse. Meanwhile, you can also generate new wallpapers independently to fully demonstrate your unique personality.

4. More comprehensive privacy protection

Android 14 has a privacy visualization feature. Users can view the app's behavior in the past 24 hours in the settings, including the use of sensitive permissions such as location, microphone, and camera. In the privacy and security settings, users can directly modify the application's permission settings to more flexibly control the application's access permissions and ensure the security of their personal data.

Additionally, Android 14 has a new temporary permissions mode. It allows apps to revoke access to sensitive data immediately after the user leaves the app. It applies to location, microphone and camera permissions. Users can turn them on or off in settings, which is both convenient and greatly improves security.


5. Richer AI functions

Android 14 has more powerful AI functions, which can not only perform voice and gesture recognition more intelligently, but also bring better photos and videos taking to users.

Android 14 is integrated with Ultra HDR technology, which allows users feel free to capture photos and videos with rich colors, clear shadows, and amazing clarity.


6.More considerate auxiliary functions

Android 14 supports font enlargement to 200%, providing users with low vision with a better barrier-free reading experience and making it easier for them to check notifications and information. Of course, other users can also experience a more comfortable reading experience.

In addition, Android 14 adds flash notifications. Whenever there is a new notification or an alarm goes off, the camera flash or screen flashes, providing a visual reminder for people with hearing impairments so they don't miss important information or arrangements.


It can be seen that the I11 Power equipped with the new Android 14 has greatly improved in terms of fluency, interface operation, multi-tasking, privacy protection, intelligent recognition, etc., and the auxiliary functions are also more considerate. It will bring users a refreshing new experience.

Larger virtual memory, refreshing to a new level of smoothness

Virtual memory, as a supplement to memory, plays an important role in improving operational fluency, system stability, and multi-tasking performance. Therefore, BMAX has further improved the virtual memory of I11 Power from the original 8GB to 12GB. In other words, the integrated memory of I11 Power will be upgraded from 8GB+8GB to 8GB+12GB!


After the upgrade, I11 Power's application startup speed, system fluency, and background persistence capabilities will be significantly improved. The experience of split-screen browsing and file processing will be significantly enhanced. You will have an unprecedented silky smooth experience when you play 3D online games.

With two major upgrades including the new Android 14 system and larger memory space, the new I11 Power will bring us a new ultimate experience. If you want to experience unique high-quality office and entertainment, then don’t miss this BMAX’s flagship-level product!



In the coming days, the BMAX tablet product line will usher in more comprehensive upgrades and iterations, so stay tuned! BMAX will continue to use ingenuity and cutting-edge technology to create a refined, luxurious and comfortable life for you!    

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