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B7 Power simple introduction to use

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Let's take a look at the body, the B7 Power is designed with a gray titanium exterior, it's smaller than any ITX mainframe you've ever come across before at 125x112x44mm, so small that the B7 Power makes you feel very minimalistic, whether it's hanging behind a monitor or sitting on a countertop.

Look at the B7 Power, it is made of lightweight plastic all over, so it is much more convenient for us to carry it around. Not only that, the price is also so grounded, truly reflecting the characteristics of the people. However, the facial design of the top is made of acrylic CD pattern, which undoubtedly adds a lot to its sense of fashion, completely unaffected it!

Don't think that the BMAX B7 Power body ports are just for show, it's fully functional and has everything you need. 4 USB ports for you to connect a wide range of peripheral devices, including headphones and RJ45 network ports, are all available to meet your needs. The most noteworthy thing is that it adopts full-featured Type-C + 2 HDMI ports, which can realize the function of three-screen same display as well as three-screen different display, so that you can concentrate on your work as well as enjoy your gaming and entertainment, so that you can feel the joy of gaming in the middle of your work, doesn't it feel especially cool?

In terms of cooling performance, the BMAX B7 Power adopts a large air intake grille design on both sides of the body, and even with the high-performance processor equipped with the i7-11390, relying on its intelligent fan and dual-copper piping configuration, the fan running noise is almost imperceptible in daily use scenarios. Under higher loads, the noise generated is also much lower than that of a traditional desktop computer running in a home environment.

Regarding the memory of the BMAX B7 Power Power, it has a dual-channel design, and the body is configured with a 16GB DDR4 + 16GB DDR4 memory combination, which is 32GB, the maximum memory capacity supported by this device is 64GB, so you can change it according to your actual needs.

In terms of hard disk configuration, the BMAX B7 Power ships with a 1TB M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD, and this SSD slot supports replacement.

In addition, BMAX B7 Power also supports SATA interface 2.5-inch laptop hard drive slot expansion, you can buy and add your own, so you can put down more photos or videos.

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