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BMAX's high-end slim laptop X15 Pro is suitable for you who don't compromise on performance, visual and thinness!

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During a long period, some people have some stereotypes about laptops. For example, slim and light laptops are always considered as good-looking and portable laptops without high performance. And in someone’s opinion, the large-sized laptops have good visual effects, but they are not easy to carry. A similar view of that is portable notebooks generally have small screens and they are inconvenient to operate. Actually, with the development of technology, these seemingly contradictory demands for thinness, portability, large size, and high performance have been well integrated. The high-end slim and light laptop X15 Pro launched by BMAX not long ago is such an excellent laptop that combines multiple advantages. It is very suitable for you who pursue high quality and do not compromise on performance, visuals and thinness!


The X15 Pro is a slim and light laptop with a 15.6-inch large screen. It has a unique design of narrow screen bezel. The width of screen bezel is only 5.7mm, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 86%. This means that the X15 Pro can carry a larger screen in a smaller body. It not only bring you a wider and more comfortable vision, but also is easier to carry.

屏幕截图 2024-02-29 161304

Currently, the thickness of 15.6-inch laptops on the market is generally around 25mm and the weight is as high as 2.2kg. Many people regard them as large and heavy things that is not portable. However, the X15 Pro breaks people’s traditional impression of large-screen laptops with its extremely thin and light body. Its thickness is only 19.5mm and its weight is only 1.62kg. It is easy and convenient for you to take it with you on a business trip. The unique tough style body is simple and elegant, fully demonstrating the elegant and capable business temperament of modern white-collar workers.


As a slim and light laptop with a large screen, the X15 Pro can bring you a very comfortable typing experience. It is equipped with a full-size keyboard with large-size key caps and large key pitch of 20mm. Larger typing space allows fingers to move more flexibly and freely on the keyboard. Even if you type hard for a long time, your fingers will not get tired easily. Whether you are indoors or on a business trip, you can experience a smooth and efficient office experience.



In addition, the X15 Pro adopts a unique hinge design, and the body can be freely flipped 180°, allowing you to present your business plan or share interesting content at a suitable angle in different scenarios.


Such a slim, high-looking and large-screen laptop also has amazing performance. X15 Pro is equipped with Intel's 12th generation strong core N95. It is produced by the advanced Intel 7 process and it has 4 cores and 4 threads, and a high turbo frequency of 3.4GHz. Its Turbo frequency performance and PassMark score are respectively 17% and 35% higher than Intel's previous generation processor N5095, and its cache is 2M larger than that of N5095. It has faster response speed and higher multi-tasking efficiency, helping you easily cope with daily busy work.


Meanwhile, the X15 Pro is equipped with Intel 12th generation UHD Graphics. Its turbo frequency is as high as 1200MHz, which can smoothly play 4K, 60fps ultra-high-definition videos, and run various mainstream games at a high and stable frame rate, adding infinite excitement to your spare time.

屏幕截图 2024-02-29 161602

屏幕截图 2024-02-29 162414

X15 Pro contains 16GB large-capacity memory and 512GB high-speed SSD. It has ultra-fast reading and writing speeds and file transfer speeds, providing ample storage space for every ingenious idea.It also has an SSD slot that can support any capacity of M .2_SATA_2280 SSD, allowing you to easily cope with the increasing file storage needs.


It is pre-installed with the new Windows 11 system. This system has simple interfaces, more comprehensive functions and better privacy protection, bringing you smoother and more reassuring operating experience.


Who says that a big size laptop can’t be the capable assistant of some people who are always on business trip? Integrating a wide field of view, thinness, portability and high performance, the BMAX X15 Pro helps you easily cope with various challenges at anytime and anywhere, bringing you a different and exciting life. If you are never compromise on the quality of life, please don’t miss such a powerful work partner.

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