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BMAX’s new fashionable tablet I11: more than just stunning looks, it makes everything easy to do!

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As people's office scenarios become increasingly diversified, the past office method of "one mobile phone + desktop" is no longer able to meet diverse office needs, and mobile office has gradually become the main theme of the workplace. However, the products that can meet the needs of mobile office on the market are still not rich enough, causing trouble to many users.


BMAX has been committed to solving market pain points, improving user experience, and allowing global users to fully experience the convenience and efficiency brought by cutting-edge technology. After continuing to develop a variety of thin and light tablets suitable for daily light office work, it has recently brought to everyone an 11-inch large-screen tablet with fashionable appearance and outstanding cost performance - I11. This fresh, stylish and powerful tablet will bring a refreshing new experience.


It continues to use the thin and light design that BMAX tablets have always adopted. The thickness of the body is only 8.1mm and the weight is only 315g. It is very light and portable. The 11-inch high-definition large screen can clearly display brilliant and moving colors, bringing you a comfortable reading experience. The back side of I11 adopts a fresh nano blue color scheme, which is as eye-catching as cyan mountains and clear waters, and is full of vibrant sense. In addition, it is incorporated high-end texture technology to present exquisite and mild luxurious texture, fully demonstrating the unique elegance of modern white-collar workers. If you take it out for business trip, you’ll find that your youthful vitality and unique taste can be fully presented. You’ll fall in love with this amazing style!



The I11 not only looks great, but also has a powerful core. It is equipped with UNISOC T606 Soc. This is a powerful processor that is adopted an advanced 12nm process technology and 2×A75+6×A55 advanced architecture. It has a high score of 270,000+ on Antutu and a power consumption as low as 10W, which is at the leading level among similar products. It can run various daily office software easily and stress-free.


It is also equipped with a powerful ARM Mali G57 GPU, which can easily play 4K HD videos and 3D games, bringing unlimited joy to your life.


The new Android 14 system and 12GB large-capacity integrated memory (4GB RAM + 8GB virtual memory) give I11 better performance in multi-tasking. Even if you use split-screen mode to process files for a long time, the system can still run smoothly, providing great convenience for daily office work.


In addition, I11 supports 4G network and 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi. You can check information, upload and download files and hold video conferences anytime and anywhere. It helps you maintain efficient working status in the fast-paced life. You can also connect your mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth to open up the convenient office mode, record creative ideas as you like, and deal with emergencies calmly, making your life easier and more comfortable.


The large-capacity 8000mAh battery that it contains provide you with longer-lasting power. The test result shows that I11 can play local 1080p high-definition video for 8 hours and local audio for 90 hours, adding a steady stream of fun to your leisure time.

Stunning appearance and powerful performance are the biggest features of BMAX’s new fashionable tablet I11. If you want to experience a relaxed and convenient light office while enjoying an unlimited entertainment experience, please don’t miss it!

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