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BMAX’s second major upgrade: The cost-effective tablet I9 Plus has major system and memory upgrades

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Recently, BMAX has been adhering to its consistent "user experience-centered" concept and continuously upgraded its tablet product line. More and more models’ performance has been improved, which will bring you a completely new experience. Currently, the system and memory upgrades of another cost-effective tablet are also completed. That is I9 Plus, a fashionable tablet that has been best-selling all over the Internet in recent years.


It is a high-quality tablet that combines slim and elegant appearance, powerful performance and a large 10.1-inch HD screen. The light gray body offers you a smooth and comfortable feeling and presents a mild luxurious feeling. Its thickness is only 10.1 mm and its weight is only 490g. You won’t feel heavy when you hold it in your hand. The Rockchip RK3562 processor that it is equipped with is a 4-core high-performance processor with a running score of 250K+. It has powerful computing power and multimedia processing capabilities, and can easily run various office and entertainment programs. Its built-in Mali G52 2EE GPU allows I9 Plus to smoothly play 4K videos and high-definition animation special effects, bringing you unlimited excitement in gaming and entertainment. The 10.1-inch high-definition IPS screen can delicately display thousands of clear and brilliant colors, bringing you a shocking and immersive vision that is pleasing to the eye.





I9 Plus has a 6000mAh large-capacity battery, which can continuously play 1080p local video for 5 hours and local audio for 48 hours, adding more excitement to your leisure time. In addition, it supports the new WiFi 6. Compared with the WiFi 5 usually supported by similar products, the speed is increased by 2 times and the delay time is reduced by 67%. Meanwhile, the parameters of power consumption and signal coverage are also better, which can bring higher speed , a more stable Internet experience.


With its excellent appearance, performance, specifications and cost-effectiveness, I9 Plus has brought excellent experience to many consumers in the past few months. It has received many praises on Amazon, AliExpress, TEMU, Geekbuy and other platforms. Sales volume continues to lead the market and has become a hot product in the digital market. Now, this product has received system and memory upgrades and will refresh the user experience to new heights with its completely new experience.


Firstly, the I9 Plus’s system has been upgraded from Android 13 to Android 14. The interface, fluency, user privacy, multi-tasking, AI recognition and other aspects have been greatly improved. You can experience an unprecedented silky operating experience, personalized interface, humanized split-screen function, rich gesture and voice recognition methods, as well as more comprehensive privacy permission setting functions. The daily office work and entertainment are more convenient for you.

9.1Secondly, the virtual memory of I9 Plus has also been greatly improved. The previous 4GB of virtual memory has been directly doubled to 8GB. With the addition of 4GB RAB, the integrated memory reaches 12GB. It is very friendly for users who are accustomed to opening multiple applications and handling various tasks on a split screen.

6.1With the support of two major upgrades, the experience brought by I9 Plus is even better and the price/performance ratio is even higher. Do you want to experience the outstanding performance of this upgraded device? Please don’t miss it!

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