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Do you know? These practices you think are convenient actually damage the laptop’s battery!

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Today more and more people prefer laptops to traditional desktop computers. Because laptops not only have excellent configuration and strong performance, but also they are portable and convenient for business trips. And they always use a laptop for a long time at home or in the office. As time goes by, some of them may have following questions: Can a laptop be left plugged in all the time? Can I use my laptop until it runs out of power and shut down and then recharge it? Now let’s talk about these topics.t1pv1mrpeeb2732_副本

Actually, many people find it troublesome to charge the laptop and then unplug the power plug frequently. So they have thought some convenient ways to deal with charging problem just like the practices they mentioned in their questions. But these ways are really harmful for laptops’ battery life.

Firstly, if your laptop is always plugged in and the lithium battery is fully charged for a long time, it will cause premature aging of the battery and rapid reduction in battery capacity. Secondly, if your laptop is used until it runs out of power and is shut down, the lithium battery will be in a deeply discharged state, which will significantly affect the battery life. And you’ll find that it is hard to charge your laptop fast after you use up all the power.


So if your work is almost done when the laptop is fully charged, it is time for you to unplug the power plug. If the power of laptop is less than 30%, no matter you have something urgent or not, you’d better charge your laptop.

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You can also follow these ways to protect battery. Firstly, to keep your battery power at an appropriate status. The optimal power range of lithium batteries is 25% ~ 75%. And it is an ideal state to keep the battery power at about 50% before shutting down. Secondly, use your notebook at the appropriate temperature. High temperature is an important factor of damaging battery life. Please don’t use the laptop in high temperature places, especially somewhere over 35℃. Meanwhile, don’t use your laptop on quilts, pillows or other things that will block the heat dissipation holes in order that your laptop has efficient cooling.


Moreover, you can also choose a laptop that has large battery and long-lasting power, meeting your need of both convenient using and better battery protection. The BMAX S14 Plus is just such an excellent laptop.


It is a 14-inch laptop that is equipped with a large capacity battery of 5000mAh. What’s more, the CPU Intel N4100 that it contains has a high turbo frequency of 2.40GHz and a low power consumption of 6W. So it can bring you both higher performance and longer power support. After testing, you can watch 1080p local videos for 8 hours on S14 Plus. If you deal with Office files, you can use for a longer time. So, it can provide strong power for your for a whole day.


The configuration of S14 Plus is also amazing. It has a FHD screen with 6mm ultra-narrow bezel, giving you a more immersive vision. And it can flipped for 180°,bringing more convenience for you to share your contents in different places. With 8GB large memory and 256GB high-speed SSD, it can offer you faster reading and writing speed and sufficient storage space.


If you want to reduce charging frequency, it is necessary to choose a laptop like S14 Plus. It is a wonderful business tool with low power consumption and large battery. Don't hesitate! Get it now!

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