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Do you like the feeling of car racing? Don't miss the new B8 Pro!

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Are you looking forward to driving a racing car on an international track? Actually, limited by various realistic conditions, many of us can’t achieve the dream of being a racer. But we can enjoy the pleasant feeling like driving a racing car on a small computer. The new B8 Pro, as one of the newest members of BMAX mini PC family, can give you more excitement for your daily life.  


Firstly, it contains a strong core—Intel 12th Gen Core i7-1255U processor! It has 10 cores, which is 2.5 times of the previous generation, bringing stornger power for program pocessing. It just like a nice racing car has a more powerful engine.


In addition, the quantity of threads reaches 12,which is one-third more than the previous generation processor. That means there are more channels to deal with multiple complex tasks, and the programs will be run faster. It’s like that there are more lanes for cars to travel and the traffic will be smoother, so you can drive faster than someone who drives in a place with less lanes.


What’s more, it has a high burst frequency of 4.70GHz. Multiple large programs can be run more faster and more smoother. It just like an outstanding racing car with an extremely fast acceleration. No matter what you do, you will always be one step ahead of others. Thus, your life will be full of power and joy because of B8 Pro’s strong energy.


B8 Pro is also equipped with ultra-fast 24GB DDR5 memory and ultra-large 1TB SSD. The frequency of DDR5 can reach 5200MHz! So the read and write speed is at least 30% higher than DDR4. It helps you process multiple work at the some time more efficiently and you can enjoy the pleasant feeling that is like a racer who is always leading in the fierce competition. It has sufficient space to store all your creative works, office documents, games, musics, videos,etc and you needn’t worry about space shortage.


With the high-speed brought by Wifi 6, every time you play the racing games such as Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, you will be attracted by the immersive and ultra-fast simulated driving experience. What’s more, it is easier for you to be first in every competition. The feeling of being the center of attention is so wonderful!


If you want to experience the unique feeling of being a racer, the new B8 Pro with powerful core and ultra-fast memory will be your ideal choice! The new B8 Pro is on hot sale all around the world now. It is time to get your new partner who always bring excitement for you! Don’t miss it!

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