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Do you want larger gaming vision? BMAX new I11 Plus Satisfy your imagination about games!

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Today, mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also a practical pocket PC. Many people use it to play various games. But some people thinks that it can’t provide good visual experience for him because the screen is too small. Moreover, the eyes will easily get tired after playing games for a long time. Actually a tablet with a vaster screen is more suitable for gaming. The new I11 Plus is suitable for someone who like to play games.


It has a 10.4-inches IPS HD large screen with a high resolution of 2000×1200, presenting a gorgeous and ultra clear display effect. Every detail can be appeared delicately before your eyes. With vivid 3D animation effects, I11 Power will provide a vivid stunning sensory feast to you. It is slim and only weighs 460g. When you hold it in your hands, you will be fascinated by its smooth metal texture.


The performance of I11 Plus is also attractive! It contains a 8 core strong processor UNISOC T606. It can easily handle a variety of complex task and ensure that all kinds of programs run smoothly. Every time you open a gaming application, you will have more motivation to play because of the extremely smooth operating experience.


I11 Plus includes a 16GB fusion memory with a composition of 8GB RAM and 8GB expanded memory. That means it has more running space to load large programs. And you can have better experience on 3D games playing without the anxiety about the tablet get stuck or the application quit suddenly due to insufficient memory. In addition, I11 Power has 256GB large storage. It provides ample space for you to store your favorite application. That will be a great satisfaction for someone who love games.


I11 Plus adopts the newest Android 13 system including a new function of game acceleration. When you open a game application, the CPU frequency will increase instantly in order to shorten the time of loading game modules. Therefore, you won’t be annoyed by the long-lasting waiting time before the game starting. The continuous fast and smooth gaming experience will bring you a more joyful moment.


In conclusion, no matter screen size, weight, memory,storage or performance, the new I11 Plus is more fantastic than similar products. It can provide more immersive vision and smoother gaming experience to you. If you are interested in playing games, don’t miss it!

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