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Enjoy various fun in one hand! BMAX’s new 7.9” trendy tablet I8 Mini is coming soon!

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As a dynamic and personalized digital brand, rapid iteration and continuous improvement have always been the main theme of BMAX's development. We always adhere to the attitude of striving for excellence, continue to optimize and upgrade our product lines, and continue to bring cutting-edge products with high quality and high cost performance to global users. Following the birth of the fashionable tablet I11, another new product, the I8 Mini, which is the result of countless efforts of the BMAX elite scientific research team, will be released soon! It is not only a compact tablet, but also a digital star with great connotations. Do you want to know more about this rising star’s unique personality? Here are the details for you one by one!


The I8 Mini has a sophisticated appearance. The 7.9-inch IPS screen has a resolution of up to 2K. It has bright colors and stunning picture quality. Every detail on the screen can be presented delicately. The visual expression is quite excellent. It has a 4:3 golden screen ratio and is about the same size as a book. Not only can it be easily held with one hand, but it also offers a high-precision display that is unmatched by ordinary e-books, and a comfortable reading experience like a paper book. For those who like to watch dramas, I8 Mini is also a mini cinema that can held with one hand.


Not only does the I8 Mini have a high-resolution screen, it is also equipped with a rear camera of 13 million pixels and a front camera of 5 million pixels, allowing you to take charming selfies at any time. In addition, it can also bring you clear and moving video calls and live broadcast effects. It is like a mirror that reflects your unique temperament and beautiful style. It is an essential tool for online social masters.


Not only does it have outstanding looks, the I8 Mini is also powerful in its performance. It is equipped with an eight-core processor and can easily handle daily office tasks such as data statistics, PPT production, drawing, and video editing. It is also an interesting small game console. Classic mini-games such as Bubble Bobble, Plants vs. Zombies, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Asphalt can all be played without worries. The lightweight body is not heavy at all, and your hands will not feel tired no matter how long you play.


I8 Mini contains 4GB+8GB large integrated memory and 128GB storage space. So it has ultra-fast reading and writing speeds and file transfer speeds. It also can meet daily file storage needs. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest Android 14 system, which has a personalized interface, rich AI recognition functions, more complete privacy permission settings, and a silky and smooth new experience. Once you start to use it, you will not be able to put it down.


Such a small and stylish I8 Mini has entered the trial production stage and will be officially launched in June. Available for pre-order worldwide from now on. If you like it, please take action quickly!

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