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Fresh and stylish, Awesome Experience! BMAX I11, a 11” new trendy tablet with Android 14 system is launched amazingly!

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In the era of advocating individuality, many things that seem to be unchanged have actually had many new definitions.

For young professionals, fashion is no longer the same "black, white and gray" tone, and office work does not have to be a boring nine-to-six job. In their eyes, it is so comfortable for them to start a light office mode like this: On a sunny day, they bring an exquisite and unique office equipment and go to a countryside with pleasant scenery. And then bathe in the breeze and have a hearty output of inspiration or hold a vivid video conference.


When you finish your work, you can also face the sea and listen to the sound of waves, or look up at the sky and watch the misty clouds, enjoying various wonderfulness of nature. Such a relaxed and free office mode is indeed fascinating.


Do you want to unleash your personality and make ordinary life become more exciting? BMAX’s newly launched 11” trendy tablet I11 can provide anything that you want! This large-screen tablet combines modern aesthetics and advanced technology. It has a unique fresh and fashionable appearance, cost-effective specifications and a brand-new Android 14 system. It is stylish, beautiful and full of powerful strength. It can be called a powerful light office companion for young trendsetters.


It adopts a fashionable nano blue color scheme, which is fresh, elegant and full of vitality. It is as vibrant as trees in Spring and as soft and moving as a poor of clear water. The camera module adopts a unique double-ring design, fully interpreting the symmetrical aesthetics. The back panel around the camera incorporates high-end engraving technology, presenting a delicate and exquisite texture. It is full of mild luxury sense. With such a stunning appearance, once you get it, you won’t be able to put it down!


I11 has an 11-inch IPS high-definition large screen. The screen has a 16:10 golden ratio, which can bring you a more comfortable reading experience, allowing you to reduce scrolling operations when browsing web pages and document operations, thereby improving work efficiency. After work, you can enjoy 4K blockbusters with clear details and vivid image quality, giving you a different visual enjoyment.


I11 is equipped with UNISOC eight-core strong core T606, which is produced by TSMC 12nm advanced 12nm process. Its Antutu Score is as high as 270K+. So it can handle various daily tasks such as data statistics, PPT production, image design, and video editing with ease. Moreover, I11 supports 4G full network, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band high-speed WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0. You can conduct efficient online communication and smooth video calls through 4G network or WiFi, and easily complete various important tasks anytime, anywhere. And you can connects mouse and keyboard for easier and more convenient work via Bluetooth.


The ARM Mail G57 GPU it is equipped with has powerful image processing capabilities, which can help you handle design or video post-production work more smoothly. Meanwhile, it also allows you to enjoy an excellent entertainment experience in your spare time. I11 can smoothly run mainstream games such as League of Legends, Peace Elite, Kart Racing, etc., adding endless excitement to your life.


In addition, I11 also has two "secret weapons" to help light office and entertainment run smoothly. Firstly, it is the new Android 14 system. Compared with its predecessor, it has been greatly optimized and improved in multiple dimensions such as interface, fluency, user privacy, multi-tasking, and AI recognition. Users can experience a more personalized interface, a smoother operating experience, more sophisticated privacy permission settings, more flexible split-screen operations, and richer AI recognition, making daily work more efficient and convenient. Second, it has a large virtual memory. The I11 has a virtual memory of 8GB, and its RAM is 4GB. So it has a integrated memory of 12GB, which is at the leading level among similar products. Even if you encounter an emergency and need to open multiple files to operate, you can maintain smooth operation and ensure that all things can be carried out efficiently.



Stylish on the outside and powerful on the inside, this is the biggest feature of BMAX’s new trendy tablet I11. It is like an energetic young man, who is fighting side by side with us, adding strong motivation to our lives. If you are tired of the same lifestyle and want to start a free and comfortable light office mode, I11 will be your right-hand assistant!

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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