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I10 Pro, your capable assistant of learning cooking

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With the development of intelligent technology, the dream of being a culinary expert has become easier to be achieved!

Nowadays there are so many videos about cooking on the Internet. They contain exhaustive instruction of every steps. Many people prefer watching the videos to learn how to cook rather than costing a lot of money to take a cooking class. Because in their opinion, it is a more affordable way to get cooking skills!


However, the screen of mobile phone is so small that it can easily make your eyes tired. If you want to enjoy a vaster and more comfortable vision, you’d better use a tablet. And the new I10 Pro produced by BMAX is a good choice for you!


It is slim and lightweight of 440g. And it has a 10.1 inch IPS HD large screen that can showcase a vast and gorgeous visual experience to you. Every detail is ultra clear. What’s more, it adopts advanced anti-blue light design to protect your eyes.


It has a strong core UNISOC Tiger T606 that adopts 12nm process technology. It has high performance and low power consumption. You can have a smooth and enjoyable experience while you are making videos of cooking various dishes or doing the viedos editing works. Furthermore, it contains a 16MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera, you can get high-quality videos of cooking with it!


The new I10 Pro has 4GB RAM, 4GB expansion memory and 64GB Storage. It can provide sufficient space to load your videos and your favourite APP. It can help you learn more from the Internet.

Are you tired of watch cooking videos on mobile phone? The I10 Pro will be your capable assistant of learing cooking skill. Don’t miss it!  

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