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Innovative design, exceeding expectations! BMAX Mini PC B3(New), a high-end business mini PC with excellent performance and convenient storage expansion!

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In the information age, computers carry more and more expectations from people. Not only does it need to be small in size, powerful in performance, and excellent in heat dissipation, but it also needs to meet their need of expanding storage space at will. After all, people are no longer limited to a fixed office place. They can work anytime and anywhere. Naturally, they want a small but powerful computer as their right-hand assistant. Meanwhile, they hope that the increasing number of various types of documents can have a place to stay. At this time, a mini PC with excellent comprehensive performance will be your ideal choice. BMAX MaxMini B3(New) is such an  office tool with innovative design and powerful strength that exceeds expectations!


This is an outstanding work that is meticulously crafted by BMAX, and its appearance alone is amazing! It adopts an elegant titanium space gray color scheme. Compared with black, it is more gentle and restrained. Compared with light gray, it is more calm and elegant. And it is full of mild luxury style. The top side of New B3 is equipped with the same horizontal stripes as high-end suitcases. Against the background of deep space gray, it can show an unusual sense of fashion and high-end. With just one glance, your heart will be conquered by its unique esthetic feeling of luxurious but not flashy. Max Mini B3(New) weighs only 290g. Its compact and light body will not add any burden to your travels. Taking it with you on business trips is easy and convenient.



The strength of new B3 is equally astonishing. It is equipped with Intel's 11th generation 4-core and 4-thread processor N5095. It is a powerful CPU that is produced by advanced 10nm process and has a turbo frequency of up to 2.90GHz. Its single-core running score, multi-core running score and comprehensive running score are respectively 48.9%, 33.9% and 40% higher than Intel's previous generation processor N4120, making it easier to handle various complex work tasks.


Meanwhile, it has built-in Intel 11th generation UHD Graphics. The graphics card has 24 execution units and a maximum operating frequency of 750MHz, which can smoothly play 4K, 60fps ultra-high-definition videos. In your spare time, you can easily enjoy the unlimited joy brought by stunning films and globally popular online games.


New B3 has 8GB DDR4 memory and 256GB high-speed SSD, which not only gives you ample storage space, but also brings you ultra-fast reading and writing speeds and data transfer speeds. You can enjoy smooth operating experience as flowing clouds and flowing water from the beginning to the end and stay away from lags with it.


When you need more storage space, you can easily expand the storage. New B3 adopts a unique and innovative shell design. There is no need to remove screws and do other tedious operations. Just push it gently to the right to open the cover and replace the SSD, saving time and effort. The built-in expansion slot of New B3 supports M.2_SATA_2280 SSD of any capacity, easily meeting the growing demand for file storage. You don’t have to discard some of the files that you don’t want to delete because of space shortage any more.


In terms of heat dissipation, new B3 is also remarkable. It contains a smart cooling fan, which can quickly dissipate heat and ensure long-term smooth operation of B3 without making annoying noise, allowing you to always maintain a quiet working environment.


With its compact size, powerful performance, efficient heat dissipation, and convenient capacity expansion, the innovative and high-end business model Max Mini B3 (New) meets your multi-dimensional needs and will bring you different surprises! Don’t miss it if you like it!

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