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Larger and thinner! BMAX X15 Plus: Your Capable Business Tool!

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Nowadays someone who is always away on official business may has the following puzzle. They need a portable laptop so that to lighten the burden when they go out. But they can’t get a good experience from the small screen. It seems that it is difficult to give consideration to both portability and screen size.

But from now on, you won’t be puzzled by this problem any more. The X15 Plus launched newly by BMAX with larger screen and slimer body will be your capable business tool!


X15 Plus has a 15.6-inches large HD IPS screen. With the resolution of 1920×1080, it can showcase more delicate and rich visual effect. No matter design or deal with documents, you can have more comfortable reading and operating experience. You needn’t worry that your eyes will get tired easily after organizing plenty of files.


It has an extremely slim body of 20mm thickness. And it is only weights 1.65Kg. It is convenient for you to take it out. You can handle official business efficiently at any time and anywhere.


With the powerful Intel 11th Gen Jasper Lake N5095 processor which has a high frequency of 2.90GHz, X15 Plus can deliver incredible responsiveness and seamless multitasking for you. You can carry out all your work smoothly and efficiently!      


X15 Plus is equipped with large capacity 16GB memory and 512GB SSD. It has ultra fast read and write speed and sufficient space to store large quantities of files. Furthermore, there is a M.2 2280 expandable slot in it. It is convenient for you to upgrade the SSD according to your preference when you want to enlarge your storge.


With a noiseless smart fan and two copper cooling pipe, X15 Plus can keep cool and quiet when it is running several programs in more than one thread. Therefore, It won’t disturb your work. The long battery life of 5 to 6 hours can provide a strong support to your busy life.


In summary, BMAX X15 Plus is a wonderful laptop that has the balancing of portability and large screen size. If you are always on a business trip , it can be your powerful business assistant!

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