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MaxPad I8 Mini MaxPad I8 Mini
MaxPad I8 Mini MaxPad I8 Mini
MaxPad I8 Mini MaxPad I8 Mini
MaxPad I8 Mini MaxPad I8 Mini
MaxPad I8 Mini MaxPad I8 Mini


MaxPad I8 Mini

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Screen: 7.9" 2K IPS
CPU: Allwinner A523
GPU: Mali-G57 MC1 2EE
Memory: 4GB+8GB Expansion
Storage: 128GB
System: Android 14
Camera: 13MP Rear + 5MP Front
WiFi: WiFi 6
Appearance: Metal Case, light to 315g


Small and Stylish, Extraordinary Charm

I’m I8 Mini, a small and fashionable member in BMAX family. I have 7.9-inch 2K screen, octa-core processor, Android 14 system and ultra-large memory. You can hold me with one hand to enjoy various fun. I’m not only a tablet, but also play multiple important roles in your life. Now let me introduce myself in detail!


A Mirror with Gorgeous Image Quality

With 2K high-resolution Screen, I can present high-quality portraits. Every time you take selfies, make a video call or live broadcast, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that I just like a mirror. Because your beautiful image and unique temperament can be perfectly presented in my screen.


A High Definition E-Book

I have 4:3 golden screen ratio, which can offer you a book-like comfortable vision. And I also have a high resolution of 2048×1536, which can present ultra-clear visual effect that is unmatched by ordinary e-books. So you can fully enjoy the excellent reading experience from me.


A Trendy Artwork

I have a ultra small and slim aluminum alloy body that is only thin as 8.1mm and only weighs 315g, presenting an elegant and luxurious style. When you meet me, you will find that I am like an exquisite artwork.  


A Portable Tool With Long-lasting Power

My small body has amazing energy. I have a large capacity battery of 6000mAh. You can watch videos, listen to audios or do your favorite thing for a long time. When you go out for travel or business trip, you can have more fun and convenience because of my long battery life!  


An Octa-core Small And Powerful Device

I not only have stylish appearance, but also have a powerful heart! There is an octa-core processor in my body. Various daily office or entertainment Apps can be run smoothly. You can easily handle everything as you wish, and lead an efficient and pleasant life!


An Interesting Small Game Console

For those who love small games, I am their paradise. In your spare time, you can play various mainstream small games smoothly because of my excellent graphics processing capabilities.


A Capable Gadget For Various Applications

I have ultra-large fusion memory of 12GB that includes 4GB RAM and 8GB virtual memory. So all kinds of Apps can be run smoothly and quickly. And my storage space is 128GB, providing convenience for files storing.


A Digital New Star With Android 14 System

With the excellent Android 14 system, I can provide you with the smoothness, high efficiency, comprehensive privacy protection, outstanding multi-tasking capabilities that you want.


An Exciting Internet Surfing Gadget

If you love surfing Internet, you can get more fun from me. I support WiFi 6, which is 3 times faster than its previous edition WiFi 5. The ultra-fast speed can fully satisfy your desire to explore the Internet world. And you can connect me to your earphones via Bluetooth to enjoy high-quality online audios and videos.


A Convenient Mobile Tool

I can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor scenes such as kitchen, office, park, mountain, lawn, etc. Because I have ultra small body. No matter where you go, it is convenient for you to take me out!


A Cinema That Can Be Held with One Hand

I am also an amazing pocket cinema. I have wider screen than mobile phones and smaller size than other tablet. You can enjoy various stunning 4K films anytime and anywhere, getting more unforgettable moments in your life.


An Interesting Partner Of Chess Players

I can provide wonderful chess games for two chess players. If you and your friend both have time, you can have an exciting face-to-face game, enjoying the ever-changing and interesting chess experience!


Your Child's Online Class Assistant

I also can provide help for your child’s study. Vivid online classes can be clearly broadcasted in my screen, giving your child an immersive study experience.


Model:MaxPad I8 Mini
Processor:Allwinner A523
Number of Cores:Octa-core Processor
GPU:Mali-G57 MC1 2EE
RAM:12GB (4GB+8GB Expand) LPDDR4x Memory,8GB Expand as virtual memory
Storage:128GB(The available memory capacity is less than this value because the system software takes up part of the space.)
Expandable storage:TF (Micro SD) Card x1 (Non standard, need to buy separately)
Display Size:7.9 inches
Display Technology:IPS LCD
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.2
Camera:Front Camera: 5 MP, Rear Camera: 13 MP
USB:Type-C(USB2.0) x 1
Other ports:3.5-mm Stereo Headset Jack x 1
Audio and Speakers:Built-in 2 stereo speakers professionally tuned and microphones
Battery:6000mAh/3.8V Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Item Dimensions:336mm(L)×201mm(W)×34mm (H)(Due to product configuration and manufacturing process, the actual body size may vary, please refer to the actual product.)
Item Weight:Approximately 315g (Due to product configuration and manufacturing process, the actual body size may vary, please refer to the actual product.)

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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