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  • Fresh and stylish, Awesome Experience! BMAX I11, a 11” new trendy tablet with Android 14 system is launched amazingly!
    In the era of advocating individuality, many things that seem to be unchanged have actually had many new definitions. For young professionals, fashion is no longer the same "black, white and gray" tone, and office work does not have to be a boring nine-to-six job. In their eyes, it is so comfortable Read More
  • A major upgrade! BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power will be equipped with Android 14, and the memory will be significantly improved!
    BMAX has always been committed to using innovative technology to create personalized digital products that are cost-effective and loved by users. In the past few years, BMAX has launched a number of excellent products that are favored by users around the world. In particular, the flagship-level tabl Read More
  • 360°freely flip, unimaginable energy! BMAX Y13 Pro, a high-end 13.3” laptop is newly launched now!
    Today, a portable laptop has become a standard feature for modern business people. An excellent laptop can not only help you deal with work tasks efficiently, but also present your business image better and leave a better impression for your clients. And a laptop that allows you to find suitable con Read More
  • Do you know? These practices you think are convenient actually damage the laptop’s battery!
    Today more and more people prefer laptops to traditional desktop computers. Because laptops not only have excellent configuration and strong performance, but also they are portable and convenient for business trips. And they always use a laptop for a long time at home or in the office. As time goes Read More
  • Professional and fashionable! BMAX B6 Pro is suitable for you who have been always working hard in the workplace!
    People often say, only professionalism can lead you to be excellent. Actually, professionalism is an essential quality in the modern workplace. The stricter you are on yourself, the greater improvement and richer reward you can gain! Not only should important things at work be taken seriously,but ev Read More
  • Multiple high-end experience, all in one! I11 Power is your outstanding tool for work, study and entertainment!
    Today mobile phones have become the Essential tools of modern people. In the past, people need to carry a lot of things such as ID cards, keys, cash when they go out. But now they only need to go out with a mobile phone. We can find that many electronic products such as MP3 player, game console, rad Read More
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