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Official announcement:The new official website of BMAX is officially launched now!

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After months of elaborately crafted, BMAX’s offical site has been finished revision and upgrading. And it is officially launched on December 12, 2023. The wonderful experience brought by the major self-iteration of BMAX will amaze you again!


This revision integrates the brand concept of "innovation, science, rigor, and individuality". Based on the comprehensive integration of various columns and sections, the website pages are designed and optimized to present a simpler and smoother interface and richer content, bringing users a new and unique experience!

New interface, simple and elegant

The new offical site uses warm red which is the color from the brand of BMAX as the main colour, supplemented by a simple color combination of black and white. There are no overly complicated lines and designs, but it fully demonstrates BMAX's brand connotation of advocating vitality, individuality and innovation.


Full-screen tiled high-definition images, combined with concise descriptions, are visually magnificent and you can have a comfortable browsing experience.

Furthermore, the homepage features a 3D digital showroom scene, which contains cool 3D animated videos, various BMAX’s popular products and multiple usage scenarios. It is highly visually impactful and allows users to understand BMAX in the most intuitive way.


Scientific planning and clear hierarchy

Based on users’ need, The new official website has a more scientific and reasonable setting and planning. The seven sections of the navigation bar are clearly laid out and the structure is concise and clear, allowing users to obtain the information they need more accurately and conveniently. Let’s take a look at the main sections of the new official website.

About us

Here, you can fully understand various key information of BMAX, including company profile, R&D strength, product advantages, brand concept, and feel the unique brand style of BMAX .



Detailed graphic and text information on various outstanding products are collected here. You can learn more about parameters, functions, and features of the products, and buy your favourite products. What’s more, you can click on the social media icon next to “Share to” to recommend the excellent digital product you like to your friend in need.




Various application scenarios of BMAX products are displayed here. Elegant high-definition pictures and short descriptions are used to visually present the outstanding performance of various products in work, study, entertainment, etc.



This column includes BMAX's first-hand news and hot topics such as reports on major company events, new product launch news, market trend analysis, product promotions and introductions. If you want to know the latest trends in BMAX in time, don’t miss this column.



You needn’t worry if there are some problems when you are using it! Complete and considerate after-sales support services are provided here. In the "Knowledge Base and Operation Videos", you can easily obtain various useful information related to product use. Meanwhile, you can also find the answers you want in the "FAQ".

If you want to use specific software to solve the current problem, you can download it at "Download".

If there is a major problem in your device, you can click on the "Warranty Service" menu to view relevant guidelines, and feedback relevant issues to us via email or phone.



You can download various device driver software here.Just enter the 4-digit PN code on the back of the device to obtain the driver software corresponding to the device. It is easy and convenient.


As a personalized digital brand loved by consumers in Europe, America, Japan and other places, BMAX has integrated its consistent innovative spirit and rigorous attitude into the optimization and adjustment of every detail. The new official website, which combines unique personality and simple and elegant business style, will bring you more excitement!

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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