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Professional and fashionable! BMAX B6 Pro is suitable for you who have been always working hard in the workplace!

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People often say, only professionalism can lead you to be excellent. Actually, professionalism is an essential quality in the modern workplace. The stricter you are on yourself, the greater improvement and richer reward you can gain! Not only should important things at work be taken seriously,but even choosing a computer is also should be treated with a professional attitude.A professional computer can help you do everything efficiently and achieve your dream smoothly. BMAX B6 Pro is such a professional mini computer with strong ability to handle all kinds of complex work tasks.


It is equipped with Intel Core i5-1030NG7 processor. This processor has 4 cores, 8 threads, 6MB smart cache and a high frequency of 3.50GHz. And its PassMark Score is up to 4879. Various office program such as Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, CAD, Premiere Pro can be run smoothly. And there’s no lag when you open multiple files to operate, letting you maintain your high efficiency and professional image every day. It can be said that it is a powerful heart of B6 Pro.


And it is also awesome in the aspect of entertainment. Today watching HD videos has become a wonderful enjoyment for many people. B6 Pro can give you more enjoyable experience by its professional graphics processing quality. It contains Intel Iris Plus Graphics that supports 4K/60Hz video signal output. Every vivid details of HD videos can be showed clearly, which makes every second unforgettable. Moreover, someone who like to play games will be also amazed by the incredible gaming animation effect and smooth operating experience.



As a professional computer, its professionalism is also reflected in other details. B6 Pro has 16GB large memory and 512GB NVME SSD, providing ultra-fast reading and writing speed and sufficient storage space for you. You needn’t worried that you have to discard something you don’t want to delete because of limited space. And your work progress won’t be delayed by the long file transmission time. Furthermore, B6 Pro has a professional heat dissipation system. It is composed of a smart noiseless fan and two copper heat pipe. They can keep the computer running stably as well as maintain the silence of the environment.



This professional computer doesn’t have an overly stereotyped appearance. B6 Pro adopts vibrant dark green and there are lots of unique CD pattern on the top side. It is full of youthfulness. Young people will be attracted by its fashionable and eye-catching appearance.  


With professional configuration, high performance and a unique appearance that is full of youth style, B6 Pro is like a young professional people that is full of personality and power! It is a practical tool that is suitable for you who is always full of passion and fighting spirit!

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