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Second in the industry! BMAX once again achieved outstanding results in overseas markets with its strong strength!

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Recently, BMAX has made another outstanding achievement, stunning the overseas digital market! In just ten days, its TEMU official flagship store once again experienced rocket-like sales growth, ranking second on the list of the world's best suppliers! Brand influence reaches unprecedented new heights!


At the BMAX official flagship store, the response from users has been rave reviews as usual. In the many people’s opinion, BMAX’s products have beautiful appearance, excellent performance, smooth operation and affordable price. It is a good choice for them to buy these products as gifts or for personal use.




Such brilliant achievement stems from BMAX's insistence on doing the right thing. When other brand ave been imitating well-known brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung and into crazy homogeneous competition, BMAX has always focused on user experience, proposing the concept of "fondness matters most, I am different from others." Our product research and development and improvement is based on user’s preferences, personality, usage habits and other aspects in order to create high-quality technological products that users love to see. Because in BMAX's eyes, brands that have their own unique personality and truly care about users can impress the market more.


In the past few years, many of BMAX's innovative products have become popular products on the market, such as the extremely thin and light Mini PC B1 Pro, the youth-style Mini PC B6 series, the 360° flippable laptop Y13 Plus, etc.



And BMAX has always adhered to a "no compromise" attitude with quality. We invest a lot of money every year in the research and development of various products. We are committed to the spirit of excellence and unique leading craftsmanship to create affordable products that pay equal attention to thinness and performance, appearance and convenience of use. And more than 300 testing procedures are carried out before the products leave the factory in order to control quality strictly and build strong product influence.


It can be seen that charm comes from strength! It is precisely because of BMAX's insistence on user experience and strict quality standards for many years that it can achieve sustained and rapid growth in sales and become a dazzling star that is radiant and famous all over the world! With the unremitting pursuit of excellence, BMAX will continue to create the ultimate products with ingenuity, lighting up a better life in the future with cutting-edge technology and excellent products.

Fondness is the most important thing, I am different from others.
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