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Slimmer and stronger! BMAX S14 Plus interprets the unique slimming concept of laptops!

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Recently, there is a popular movie in China called "YOLO". Jia Ling, the female lead in the film, lost 50 kilograms in a short period in order to make her image match the character's characteristics better. And she has become the focus of the Internet because of this thing. Many people amaze that Jia Ling is really charming after slimming!

屏幕截图 2024-02-22 111524

In fact, the "slimming" trend is not only popular among modern people, but also popular in the  field of laptop. The new laptop S14 Plus launched by BMAX not long ago fully reflects the "slimming" concept!


Firstly, the S14 Plus has an extremely slim body. It is only 18.5mm thick and weighs only 1.28kg, which is slightly heavier than two 500ml bottles of mineral water. And the weight of 14-inch laptops on the market is generally about 1.4kg. So, it can be seen that compared to other laptops, S14 Plus has better weight controlling. It is so light that it won’t add burden to your travel, bringing you a relaxing and comfortable business travel experience.


Secondly, the screen’s bezel of S14 Plus also follows the "slimming" concept strictly. Its width is only 6 mm! Narrower bezel means higher screen-to-body ratio and wider vision. The screen-to-body ratio of S14 Plus is as high as 85%, which can bring you stronger visual impact and more shocking visual effects. You can have a extremely pleasant watching experience.


In terms of strength, S14 Plus is also powerful. It is equipped with Intel 4-core processor N4100. Its turbo frequency is as high as 2.40GHz, and it has 4M cache and a power consumption that is low as 6W. Meanwhile, S14 Plus is built-in Intel 10th gen HD Graphics 600 with a turbo frequency of up to 700MHz. You can not only handle daily office work smoothly, but also play various 4K ultra-clear videos smoothly and play mainstream games easily, enjoying every wonderful moment.

屏幕截图 2024-02-22 105317


8GB large-capacity memory and 256GB high-speed SSD bring you ultra-fast reading and writing speeds and ample storage space. There is also an SSD expansion slot that supports M.2_SATA_2280 SSD in S14 Plus, making it easy to expand capacity and store more of your wonderful things.


In addition, the S14 Plus adopts a unique hinge design. And it can be flipped 180° freely, making it easy to display business plans or share interesting content in different scenarios.


Unique speakers on both sides of the keyboard bring you more stunning sound effects. Together with the narrow-bezel screen, it bring you the ultimate cinema-level sensory experience.


Slimmer and stronger! This is the most intuitive feeling that BMAX S14 Plus brings to you. Whether for work or entertainment, this excellent laptop with both portability and wide vision will bring you an extraordinary and exciting experience.

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