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The hot-selling tablet BMAX I11 Power, with its new configuration and ultimate experience, once again leads the new boom in the tablet market!

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Recently, after the major upgrade, BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power has once again set off a new craze in the digital product market. Customers’ orders continue to rise, and it continues to dominate the rankings on multiple online shopping platforms. Why has this flagship-level product, which debuted nearly a year ago, become an enduring “pop star”of the tablet market ?


In fact, the continued popularity of I11 Power is inseparable from BMAX’s product philosophy of “consistency and pursuit of excellence”. In our opinion, everyone who strives to pursue their dreams has a heart that will not compromise on the quality of life. And their attitude of pursuing a better life is worth treating with heart. So we are always strict with our products.


Since its establishment, BMAX has always been based on user experience, investing a large amount of money in product research and development every year, and conducting timely product upgrades and iterations based on user preferences and habits. BMAX has always implemented strict product quality standards. Each product must go through more than 30 testing procedures before leaving the factory, strictly controlling every link to ensure that it can bring high-quality experience to users.

In addition, the naming of I11 Power also fully reflects BMAX’s brand DNA of pursuing excellence. Power contains the meaning of "strength and motivation". With powerful power, it helps users easily cope with various challenges in work and life, and brings them high-quality entertainment experience, allowing them to achieve their dreams with more sufficient motivation. This is the meaning of the birth of I11 Power.


Let’s experience the power of this top flagship tablet carefully crafted by BMAX!

First of all, it has a slim and elegant body. Its thickness is only 7.6mm and its weight is only 500g. Not only does it provide a light and comfortable feeling to you, but it is also easy and stress-free to carry around. Equipped with an 11" 2K high-quality screen with a resolution of up to 2000×1200 and a golden ratio of 16:10, the gorgeous and vast vision can be shockingly presented, giving you an immersive experience. You can enjoy the exciting movie without leaving home.



I11 Power contains MediaTek's eight-core strong core G99 that is low power consumption. It adopts 6nm advanced process and 2×A76+6×A55 advanced architecture. It has a score of up to 40W+ on Antutu and its performance is quite excellent. Whether it is for office, study, or entertainment, you can feel the silky smooth operating experience.


Its powerful Mali-G57 MC2 GPU has a main frequency of up to 950Hz and includes the HyperEngine 2.0 game optimization engine, which can smoothly play 3D high-definition game effects. Large mainstream games such as League of Legends, Peace Elite, Genshin Impact, and Kart Racing can all be played easily, adding unlimited fun to your leisure time.


I11 Power supports 4G network and five major navigation systems, making it easy and convenient to download files and make video calls when going out. Meanwhile, when you encounter an emergency, you can quickly reach your destination through the navigation system and solve your urgent needs. The 8000mAh battery, paired with 18W fast charging, provides you with strong battery life and long-lasting energy, giving you a whole day of happiness.



The upgraded I11 Power has two powerful configurations. One is the Android 14 system. Compared with Android 13, its underlying architecture is more superior, so it can run various programs more smoothly. Moreover, the interface, privacy permission settings, AI recognition, and reading experience have been greatly improved, and the user experience has been taken to a higher level. The second is ultra-large integrated memory. The virtual memory of I11 Power has been expanded from the original 8GB to 12GB, and the integrated memory has reached 20GB. It has better performance in terms of reading and writing speed and split-screen operation. Its storage space is up to 256GB, which is convenient for storing all kinds of videos, music and files.



High-end specifications, excellent experience! BMAX flagship-level tablet I11 Power allows you to enjoy every wonderful moment in life and easily open up unlimited possibilities in the future!

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