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Your chance is coming! BMAX super promotion on Geekbuying website give you an unexpected surprise!

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For many people, it is quite a nice thing that make a cup of warm coffee and enjoy the pleasant entertainment experience brought by high-performance computer on a sunny afternoon. The feeling of being able to experience all kinds of wonderful things without leaving home is so wonderful! It can be said that a high-performance computer is an indispensable soul mate!


However, many people are always puzzled when purchasing a computer: How to choose a cost-effective computer that is extremely suitable for myself? Today BMAX help you get away from the difficulty of choosing. Here’s a good news for everyone: BMAX is holding a super sale on the Geekbuying platform. All kinds of outstanding products can be taken home at super discounted prices! Click the link below to purchase now!



BMAX product recommendations

1.Mini PC

B8 Pro

It contains Intel 12th Gen Core i7-1255U processor that has 10 cores, 12 threads and a high turbo frequency of 4.70GHz, which can bring you fast response speed as a racing car and an extremely smooth super experience. It also has flagship-level configurations of 24GB DDR5 memory and 1TB NVMe SSD, which can store various files and games at will to satisfy your desire for a wonderful entertainment experience.


B6 Series

It adopts a youthful dark green appearance, which is very eye-catching. Built-in Intel Core strong processor, it can handle multi-threaded tasks and un mainstream games smoothly. It has a large memory of 12GB to 16GB, a storage space of 512GB to 1TB, and ultra-fast reading and writing speed, providing strong support for your colorful life.



This is the most affordable one. Integrated with Intel's 12th generation N95 core, the turbo frequency, performance, and running scores have all been greatly improved compared to the previous generation, easily meeting the daily needs of video players and gamers. The high-end configuration combination of 16GB+512GB brings a more convenient and smoother use experience for you.



I11 Plus

It has a 10.4-inch 2K IPS screen, which can display brilliant picture quality. The powerful 8-core Tiger T606 brings silky smooth gaming and video experience. The powerful combination of 16GB (8G+8G expand) integrated memory and 256GB high-speed storage allows you to experience endless fun and load unlimited excitement at will.


I10 Pro

This is a 10.1-inch high-definition tablet. It is also equipped with the powerful 8-core Tiger T606, large memory and storage space, allowing you to easily start a wonderful experience with unlimited pleasure.


I9 Plus

I9 Plus is a cost-effective entertainment tablet. It adopts Rockchip 8-core strong core RK3562, with a frequency of up to 1.80GHz, and a silky smooth experience that is unforgettable!


Among so many BMAX outstanding products, which one do you prefer? Don't hesitate! Get it now!

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