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Your slim and powerful gadget Maxmini B8 Pro is newly launched now!

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Nowadays the design concept of slim has been widely used for PC area. Because more and more people don't need a large computer that occupies too much sapce. However, the demand of larger storage space is increasing continually. As a famous brand focused on users'  experience, BMAX has launched a new generation of mini PC — B8 Pro after several significant technical upgrading.


It has a slim body that is lightweight of 370g. So it is convenient for you to carry it around. The top side adopts a fashionable CD pattern design that can be brought a delightful sense for you.


B8 Pro contains a powerful processor — Intel Core 12th Gen i7-1255U that is produced by 10nm process technology. It has 10 cores and 12 threads. Therefore it has higher task processing efficiency. Its performance is 20% higher than the 11th i7 Gen processor. No matter doing office work , watching videos or playing games, you will be fascinated by the unprecedented smooth and enjoyable operating experience!


The ultra large memory and storage is another brightened dot of B8 Pro. It has a superior combination of 24GB DDR5 Memory and 1TB SSD. That means you can have more space to store your favorite images, videos and applications and you can enjoy the ultra fast file transfer speed. And you needn’t worry that there is no enough space to place your creative idea any more.


Furthermore, it supports Wi-Fi 6 which is 3 times faster than Wi-Fi 5. It has lower latency and more stable Internet speed. It will help you due with daily works more efficiently.


How can a slim body look like when it gains a strong power? B8 Pro can tell you all about that! If you are looing for a smaller computer with higher performance and larger storage, it will be your best choice!

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