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  • Larger and thinner! BMAX X15 Plus: Your Capable Business Tool!
    Nowadays someone who is always away on official business may has the following puzzle. They need a portable laptop so that to lighten the burden when they go out. But they can’t get a good experience from the small screen. It seems that it is difficult to give consideration to both portability and s Read More
  • Your slim and powerful gadget Maxmini B8 Pro is newly launched now!
    Nowadays the design concept of slim has been widely used for PC area. Because more and more people don’t need a large computer that occupies too much sapce. However, the demand of larger storage space is increasing continually. As a famous brand focused on users’ experience, BMAX has launched a new Read More
  • I10 Pro, your capable assistant of learning cooking
    With the development of intelligent technology, the dream of being a culinary expert has become easier to be achieved! Nowadays there are so many videos about cooking on the Internet. They contain exhaustive instruction of every steps. Many people prefer watching the videos to learn how to cook rath Read More
  • B7 Power simple introduction to use
    Let's take a look at the body, the B7 Power is designed with a gray titanium exterior, it's smaller than any ITX mainframe you've ever come across before at 125x112x44mm, so small that the B7 Power makes you feel very minimalistic, whether it's hanging behind a monitor or sitting on a countertop. L Read More
  • BMAX B7 Power is available for purchase: features and launch price
    After a postponement due to some unforeseen situations, the BMAX B7 Power, the new mini PC from the Asian brand specializing in the production of notebooks and compact computers, has finally arrived on international markets. Despite its size being decidedly compact, the new computer has a good spec Read More
  • Detailed tutorial on how to write Ubuntu to a USB stick on Windows:
    Detailed tutorial on how to write Ubuntu to a USB stick on Windows:Step 1, Preparation1. Download the Ubuntu image file. You can download it from the official website at the following link: https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop2. A USB flash drive with at least 32GB capacity and the drive needs to be Read More
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